​The Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League has been active in Western North Carolina for over forty years. Started in 1967 the League’s arts exhibits and programs have set standards of excellence for the area, and our arts education programs have employed some of the area's finest artists, and sculptors, as well as teachers of national reputation.

The inspiration for the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League -- the area's oldest group of community artists -- grew out of a ladies' luncheon back in 1967, at Black Mountain's historic Monte Vista Hotel.  It was there that a Mrs. Guilford (a noted artist from Pennsylvania who'd retired to Black Mountain) quickly realized the abundance of creative expression blossoming in her adopted village, and lost no time in urging her fellow artists to form a league of their own.

Black Mountain, NC is at the eastern edge of Buncombe County and has a rich history of being an arts and crafts cultural community. The arts tradition runs deep in Black Mountain inspired by the internationally famous Black Mountain College. For a short time in the middle of the twentieth century a small town in North Carolina became a hub of American cultural production. The town was Black Mountain and the reason was Black Mountain College. Founded in 1933, the school was a reaction to the more traditional schools of the time. At its core was the assumption that a strong liberal and fine arts education must happen simultaneously inside and outside the classroom.

The college closed in 1956 but its influence is evident in the variety and number of studios, galleries and museums in the valley. The arts lover can spend days exploring resources such as the Black Mountain Center for the Arts, the Old Depot Arts and Crafts Center or just browsing the many galleries in town including The Sourwood Gallery, AnTHM Gallery or Seven Sisters Gallery.

Our History
SVFAL Objectives are to provide:

A setting to cultivate the creative talents of beginning and accomplished artists;

• a permanent and continuous gallery space for member exhibits and receptions;

• a home for operation of the league including classrooms, meeting rooms, and workshop areas;

• and working “entrepreneurial” studio spaces for members where they can also sell their work.

To become a member, please send $35
​(payable to SVFAL) to treasurer Stan Skeen,
​350 Bee Tree Rd.
​Swannanoa NC 28778

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Susan Shaw

Vice President
Jack Williams​

Stan & Cathy Skeen

Darcy Orr

​​​​​Past President
​​Ron Maffett

Board Members​

Program Chair
Michelle Hamilton

Open Studio Coordinator
Fran Greenburg

Karen Paquette

Workshop/Class Coordinator
Ron Maffett

Hospitality Chair
Sylvia McCollum

Susan Hanning

​​​Carol Armstrong

​​Elbow Gallery
Marsha Springs

Gayle Flickinger

Faye Barwick

Alan (Judy) Kaufman

Jack Williams

Finance Committee
Ron Maffett, Susan Lueck, Susan Shaw, Cathy Skeen

Lake Tomahawk is just a short walk from
The Red House Studios and Gallery

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Black Mountain and the Blue Ridge National Historic Area
We are located next to the historic
Monte Vista Hotel on
​W. State Street
​Black Mountain, NC 28711

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