2016 Events


A General Meeting with a Program ​is held the 4th Monday of each month.

Programs begin at 10:00 AM at the Red House.


for Art in Black Mountain
The Red House at the Monte Vista

"SPRING INTO SUMMER" A new art exhibit will be open for viewing at the Monte Vista Hotel beginning Friday, May 6, 2016 . This First Friday opening reception is from 6-8 pm and the public is invited to this exciting presentation by seven members of the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League, headquartered at the Red House Studios and Gallery, just next door. Show is curated by Susan Hanning. Here are two of our exhibitors with their unique creations.

When you visit this exhibit you will learn about Bob Falanga's many layered collaged/photographed/painted/digitalized art works! Obviously, they have many layers! A native of Brooklyn, NewYork, Bob Falanga migrated to Asheville just one year ago seeking the perfect retirement- a life of arts, theatre and music. Bob has a interesting background covering psychology, theology and computer science. Since leaving work as MIS Director for the Albert Einstein Collage of Medicine in Bronx, NY, Bob has refashioned himself into a collage artist.

Bob's early work is just using simple paper like magazine and monochromatic paper, but soon expanded to the world of "found" paper and assorted ephemera. Anything might show up in a collage.

Seeking more complete ownership of the work,Bob branched into the use of his own photographs. Bob enjoys using photography outside its original context. A tropical leaf might be selected for its exotic color pattern and end up in a triangle.

Bob soon replaced the cut and paste of traditional collage with basic photo shop techniques. Scissors are replaced with the mouse as a cutting tool. Paste is left behind for Photoshop "layers". Scanned materials also find their place. He also adds digital painting to works using brushes that photoshop enables you to create and paint with.
​Bob's work has grown in complexity, his latest piece, Fish Tank, an under water fish fantasy, has over eighty layers and takes up 2.4 gigabytes of space on a disc. He finds inspiration in such
Dada collage artists as Karl Schwitters and Hannah Hoch. And, of course, from great masters Picasso and Matisse.
For Bob, this is a world of constant challenge and remarkable possibility.

Visitors will also see the beautiful creations from
Gretchen Chadwick who enjoys using another medium people may not be as familiar with- cold wax and oil paint. This combination creates most interestIng pieces.

Gretchen explains that the sensual qualities and processes of nature are the source of my art. I'm inspired by layers, texture, organic form and vibrant colors.

Gretchen studied art at the Brandywine Atelier under renowned painter, Neilson Carlin.
Gretchen also holds a master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology

​​​​Gretchan's oil paintings are characterized by flowing, organic form, and pure, vibrant colors. They range from highly representational to complete abstraction, often using flowers, plants or leaves as subject matter. Her oil and cold wax abstract paintings reflect a fascination with layers, texture, and unusual color combinations.

The process of cold wax and oil paint lets you paint on several surfaces or add music paper or items that you add more colors in more layers of wax. Cold wax has a workable time to it before it dries, and you may press shapes into it or carve lines and shapes into it thereby displaying colors from different layers below the surface. It finishes to a soft luxurious top layer when you shine or buff it. It is a most satisfying creative process!

Check her out in the River Arts District, where she is a resident artist in at 310 ART Gallery and you can see more of her work on her Facebook page: Gretchen Chadwick, Artist.

"SPRING INTO SUMMER" Exhibit opens at the Monte Vista Hotel
308 West State Street, Black Mountain on Friday, May 6, 2016 with the Opening Reception 6-8 pm. Public invited. Free admission to the exhibit. Show runs through July 31, 2016. For more information call: 828-669-0351 or 414-881-6869

SVFAL Artists at the Monte Vista Hotel:

Please stop in and view the wonderful works from these artists from our league:
Ann Bevan
Sue Sweterlitsch
Gayle Curtis
Ann Bonnyman
Bob Falanga
Charlotte Sprawls
Lorelle Bacon
Gretchen Chadwick

A total of 90+ pieces are on exhibit in the "Spring into Summer"
Show. Also view the new show in the Elbow Gallery from our members. We have such a great amount of talent in our members.