2015 Events


A General Meeting with a Program ​is held the 4th Monday of each month.

Programs begin at 10:00 AM at the Red House.


for Art in Black Mountain
The Red House at the Monte Vista

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Fabulous Fakes

​​Join the fun at the Monte Vista Hotel
November 6th through January 6th

You won’t believe your eyes! Yet SEEING is the basis of all of the visual arts. A clear mental or visual image was the starting point for most of the famous “Old Masters” as they prepared to create their masterpieces. In fact, most of the highly respected schools of Art include opportunities for their students to copy paintings of the Masters. This forces the students to really “see” what is before them. The Swannanoa Valley Fine Art League annually challenges its members to SEE what is involved in the creation of masterful works of art, when it sponsors its Fabulous Fakes celebration. Artists put their own twist on the works, or try to create a work that resembles or in some way duplicates a work by a famous creator.

There will be paintings created in watercolor, acrylic, and oils, and you might spot pieces of sculpture or fabric renderings. Perhaps a mobile will catch your eye. Imagine owning a work in the style of Monet or Da Vinci! According to curator Susan Hanning, over 90 works will be displayed. Plan a special dinner party at the Monte Vista between November 6th and January 6th (prime holiday scheduling) and the conversation will flow as diners discuss the Fabulous Fakes! See you at “The Monte” !

First Friday
@ The Monte Vista
Nov. 6, 6-8 PM
See you there!!!!