In order to maintain the League status as a non-profit corporation under the laws of North Carolina and the Internal Revenue Service, the Board of Directors is required to:

  •   Offer the community lectures & exhibitions free of charge.
  •   Offer instructions in the visual arts.
  •   Give scholarships based on merit and/or need for instruction in the visual arts.

The Board of Directors is made up of the following positions:

  •   President
  •   Vice President
  •   Treasurer
  •   Secretary
  •   Chairs of all Standing Committees

The Board meets on the third Monday of every month.

The Board acts on behalf of the League on all routine and emergency matters.

The Board authorizes all expenditures over $100.

A quorum shall consist of 7 members.

All terms of office are one year.



  • Presides at meetings of the General Membership and of the Board of Directors.
  • Guides the development of policy to further the well-being of the League.
  • Calls meetings of the Board of Directors as required.
  • Appoints committees as required.
  • Provides advice and orientation training for the new, incoming President.


  • In the absence of the President, presides over all general meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors. 


  • Receives and expends the funds of the League.
  • Keeps detailed records of all receipts and expenditures.
  • Prepares a monthly report of receipts and expenditures, and of the overall financial position of the League.
  • Presents a summary of the financial position of the League at all Board of Directors meetings.
  • Maintains and sends the names, addresses, telephone numbers and committee choices of all new members to the Membership Chair and Board.
  • Chairs the Finance Committee.
  • Assures that the League is in compliance with all requirements of the IRS and the State in order to maintain good standing as a non-profit organization.
  • Makes sure that the League is in good standing as a tax-exempt organization.
  • Maintains adequate liability insurance coverage.
  • Is present to collect fees for exhibit on the day of entry of exhibits.
  • Collects annual dues.


  • Records the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general meetings.
  • Sends copies of the minutes of meetings to the members of the Board of Directors.
  • Compiles an extra copy for the library file.
  • Reads the minutes of the previous board meeting at Board Meetings.
  • Maintains paper copies of minutes for past and present years.


  • Calls every new member & welcomes them in SVFAL.
  • Sends welcome packet to each new member.
  • Mails newsletters to those members without Internet.
  • Provides nametags at meetings.
  • Provides nametags for league members only at receptions.
  • Sends cards of thanks, condolences & congratulations to members when needed.


  • Chairs the Program Committee.
  • May appoint additional committee members, as desired.
  • Arranges for speakers for the general meetings and arranges the annual picnic.
  • Executes a contract with the guest speakers, if needed, which states the conditions and terms of their agreement.
  • Introduces the guest speakers at the meetings.
  • Arranges the physical setup for each meeting, and following the meeting, makes sure that the room is returned to the proper condition.
  • Provides special props for the speakers such as public address systems, chairs, visual projectors and the like.
  • Supplies public relations materials connected with the programs to the Publicity Chair.
  • Prompts Publicity Chairman to send notice of picnic to all League members well in advance of date when it will take place.


  • Chairs the Exhibit Committee.
  • Trains and secures a curator for each exhibit.
  • Reports to the Board the number of planned exhibits for the coming year, the date and location of each exhibit and the estimated cost.
  • Curator requests the Publicity Chairman to send an announcement of the exhibits. The prospectus includes date, entry requirements, fees and awards, and a brief biography of the judge. Also, includes two printed entry forms with spaces to enter name, address, phone number, title, medium and price.
  • Secures a Judge or Juror for special exhibits and negotiates contracts.
  • Schedules committee members to prepare and distribute posters.
  • Schedules committee members to take in art work and fees on the days designated.
  • Secures and schedules sitters to cover the shows as necessary.
  • Schedules committee members to hang the show on day entries are brought in.
  • Has curator act as receptionist at the Opening Reception.
  • Schedules a volunteer to take photographs at the Opening Reception.
  • Makes a video, audio, or written record of the judge’s critique for Annual Members Show.
  • Provides a ballot box for the receptions desk for the ballots for the “Popular Vote”.
  • In consultation with other members of the Gallery Committee, may refuse to accept entries that are unacceptable because of subject matter, size, weight or framing. Tasteful depiction of nudity is not cause for rejection.
  • Obtains award ribbons well in advance of the judging.
  • Makes certain that curator sends prepared news release to Publicity Chairman to publicize the exhibit and press releases following the show, giving the names of the award winners.
  • Well in advance of the opening, alerts the chairman of the Hospitality Committee Chairman regarding date and plans.
  • Presides at General meeting to listen to the judge’s critique.


  • Arranges for paintings to be installed & removed from Elbow Gallery.
  • Accepts work & makes labels for artwork.
  • Puts notice in newsletter one month before artwork is to be removed & placed in Elbow Gallery.
  • Notifies Publicity Chairman one week before when artwork to be removed from & placed in Elbow Gallery.
  • Notifies selling artist so work can be replaced.
  • League takes 30% from sales.


  • Appoints assistant committee members as required.
  • Sets up tables/chairs, table covers, flowers & paper products at exhibit receptions, meetings & Annual Members Picnic.
  • Helps clean up after meetings.
  • Purchases needed beverages & appetizers.
  • Oversees signing up of food that artists will bring to receptions at time of entry of piece of artwork.


  • Provides room access for classes, workshops and events at Red House
  • Recruits teachers.
  • Executes contracts with teachers, sending copies to the Treasurer.
  • Provides and installs annual (First Come/First Serve) Sign up calendar located on classroom door for members to schedule class and events. Coordinates and works with members in this regard.
  • Procures Workshop classes for league members.  Provides information received from teachers about workshops to Publicity Chairman for distribution to league members.  Provides prewritten publicity articles to the Publicity Chairman for news releases. 
  • Arranges for flyers to be made and distributed in communities and Red House.
  • Prepares annual schedules of Workshop offerings six months before the beginning of each term and has them printed and sees that they are distributed to all members of the League and to non-members on the non-members mailing list.
  • Provides a contract for workshops or events and forwards a copy to Treasurer.
  • Provides a Registration Sheet for each workshop.
  • Collects tuition or fees and sends them to the Treasurer with the Registration Sheet.
  • Requests monies from the Treasurer for necessary expenditures. If over $100, has the expenditures approved in advance by the President or the Board of Directors.
  • Provides the Treasurer an accounting and receipt for any monies spent.
  • Sees that the Workshop premises are well maintained, clean and safe.


  • Is a member of the Board of Directors and represents the Studios at all Board Meetings.
  • Collects studio fees & notifies studios when due.
  • Directs and oversees all the activities of the Studios.
  • Maintains good health and safety conditions of the Studios.


  • Provides communications with the media to publicize SVFAL events.


  • Publishes an informative Newsletter monthly.


  • Maintains the svfalarts.org website.


    • The Historian creates a History Book for each fiscal year.
    • Gathers documents & pictures showing the activities of League members.
    • Keeps the History Books from the last 5 years in Library of Red House.
    • Takes old completed History Books to the Valley Museum to be added to the collection that they keep for the League.


    • The Librarian maintains the library.


    • Maintains integrity of Red House.
    • Maintains cleaning supplies.
    • Arranges for cleaning of public spaces in building.