SUPPLY LIST for D. DAVIS course.

To Purchase: Winsor & Newton Cottman Brand Watercolors (8 ml tubes)

·         Alizarin Crimson Hue

·         Burnt Sienna

·         Raw Sienna

·         Ultramarine Blue

·         Lemon Yellow Hue

These are the minimum colors you will need; if you want more suggestions for colors, please ask!  These are the best student grade paints I’ve found. If you want artist’s grade, that is fine too.

Cheap Joe’s Golden Fleece Watercolor Brushes (sold only through Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff) There is one is Asheville now or you can order online.

·         1” Flat

·         #10 Round

·         #3 Rigger

Cheap Joe’s Original Watercolor Palette (or you can use large white Styrofoam plates) (Paper will not work). Surface must be white.

One Sheet 22’ x 30” Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper (you can share a packet of paper and save on the cost per sheet)

Backing board like Gater Board or thick foam core at least ½ inch thick. Size needs to be at least 12”x16” to fit a quarter sheet of watercolor paper.

Items you can find at home:

·         Plastic water container (at least 6” in diameter)

·         Paper towels

·         Kneaded eraser

·         #2 pencil

·         Sketch paper or sketch book if you have one

·         Painter’s tape at least 1” wide

·         Wooden skewer

·         Old toothbrush

·         1 Tsp. of table salt

·         Old bristle brush, if you have one

·         12” ruler

·         Scissors

·         Small spray bottle

·         Your creativity and a smile!!!!

If you have watercolor supplies, please let me know. We can probably use what you have.  You can partner with another student to share supplies like paint, etc., if you aren’t 100% sure you will continue with this medium.

I use Cheap Joe’s for my supplies, but other suppliers are Jerry’s Artarama, Dick Blick, etc. Of course, they won’t have the Cheap Joe’s brands. Let’s talk if you have a question. 

I can be reached at 252.341.4618 or

I look forward to having you in the class!!!        -  Donna Davis