To qualify to enter a juried show, individuals must have participated in at least one regular Red House Exhibit in the twelve calendar months prior to the date of take-in for the juried show.




This venue consists of the lobby, the lobby bar, the dining room, and the Elbow Gallery of the MONTE VISTA HOTEL which is located next door to THE RED HOUSE. Six to ten artists are featured. While this exhibit is suitable for work of all sizes, the dining room and lobby offer a wonderful opportunity to display larger pieces. The Elbow Gallery lines a walkway in the MONTE VISTA and is ideal for smaller 2-D pieces - the viewing distance is limited, providing viewers with a great opportunity to notice the work, and easily explore its nuances. The MONTE VISTA is a successful sales venue for both large and small pieces. 

  • Artwork for this venue is curated by SUSAN HANNING and THE MONTE VISTA HOTEL management.

  • To be considered for this venue please email 4 images of your work with titles, a description of the medium, and dimensions to:

  • PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: This is a professional exhibition venue. Hanging hardware must be high quality - work must be set up with a hanging wire on the back of each piece. There will be a 1 hour window for DROP OFF and PICK UP - NO EXCEPTIONS! You must be able to present a body of work - 10 to 12 pieces. This show is CURATED - participation is by invitation. After artwork is delivered, the show will be JURIED - YOU MAY BE ASKED TO PICK UP SOME OF YOUR PIECES. Placement of the artwork is at the sole discretion of the curator.

  • There is a 30% commission from sales at THE MONTE VISTA HOTEL.

  • There is NO registration fee for this exhibit


Christmont Gallery, SVFAL


2019/2020 SHOW DATES

Change out date:   Wednesday, November 13th, 10 am - 12 noon

1st Change out date of 2020:   Wednesday, February 19th, 10 am - 12 noon

Take down for summer: Wednesday, June 10th, from 10 am - 12 noon

Dates for August/September to be announced

* These dates are subject to change depending on the weather, particularly in January.


Please be aware that the change out dates are not on Tuesdays to avoid possible conflict with a show take in at the Red House.

Christmount is on route 9 past Cheshire on the left. There is a sign at the entrance and the name of the road going into Christmount is Fern Way. The building on the hill on the left is the conference center and hotel where we hang our work. A map can be found on Chrismount’s web page:-

  • This venue is open to all members. Work is exhibited in 2 large meeting rooms at the CHRISTMOUNT CONFERENCE CENTER and HOTEL.

  • Small to large scale work is suitable. All mediums are welcomed. Please bring 2-6 pieces.

  • Wall work must have hanging wire attached to the frame on the back of the piece.

  • You will be hanging your own art so please come prepared to take the time to present your work nicely. CHRISTMONT now has the same hanging system as The Red House. Plan accordingly.

  • Bring an inventory list of your pieces with YOUR NAME, TITLE and PRICE for CHRISTMOUNT so they can accurately record sales. You must also provide identifying sales cards/tags, with the same information, to be placed next to the work.

  • There is a 30% commission from sales at CHRISTMOUNT.

  • There is NO registration fee for this exhibit.

  • If you currently have work on exhibit in this venue, you may choose to swap it out for other pieces at this time. Please remember to provide an updated inventory list and sales cards/tags.

  • Bring your artwork to the CONFERENCE CENTER Lobby. You will be directed to your exhibition space.

If you have any questions please contact NANCY CLAUSEN at: