Do you have skills and talents that other artists would appreciate knowing about and learning?

Often our most valuable mentors and teachers are our colleagues. They speak our language and understand our struggles. They also know how important the mastery of new skills and a source for technical guidance can be. The support such guidance provides is priceless. SVFAL encourages you to become a part of this critical element in our community by leading a SVFAL workshop.

To get started in the process of leading a program or a workshop:

  • On the 4th Monday of each month there is a SVFAL General Member Meeting and Artist Program, usually followed by a Workshop at THE RED HOUSE. This is a great time share your knowledge, and then to lead a workshop. This is not the only time you may lead a workshop. Check with our Program Coordinator for date availability.

  • PROGRAMS are informative lectures.

  • WORKSHOPS are educational programs where you teach your skills, and students have the chance to experience your process.

  • Develop your educational concept.

  • Define what the goals of the program or workshop would be.

  • For a WORKSHOP: Figure out what materials would be needed. Note what you would provide and the attendee would need to bring to the workshop. Figure out the time necessary to complete the workshop goals. Establish what materials the students would need to bring, what you would need to provide, and set a materials fee if necessary.

  • Set a price and a materials fee.

  • SVFAL pays $50 for leading PROGRAMS, and 80% of collected workshop fees for leading WORKSHOPS.

  • Contact SUSAN HANNING at to set up a program or workshop.

  • PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SUBMIT A WRITE UP & IMAGES FOR YOUR WORKSHOP - these will be used for publicity purposes!