Starting in February 2018 we are added a card rack and several print racks to The Red House Gallery!  We hope they will help attract more (and repeat) visitors by providing opportunities for small, affordable purchases.  The following guidelines are designed to allow smooth management of this process within the limitations of our size and all-volunteer workforce.  They are subject to future revision as we learn more about handling this merchandise.

Contact Rhanna Nyman at 828-215-4652 to make arrangements for having your cards/prints at The Red House Gallery.



All rack items will be packaged by the artist in crystal clear (crispy) polypropylene bags that seal. It is recommended that prints and originals have a mat and be backed with white mat board or foam core board – this protects the artwork. If the artwork does not have a mat, it must be float mounted to foam core. The presentation needs to be professional.  One source for bags is

  • Include artist contact information, preferably a business card, in the back of the packet for sales identification purposes. Mark the price on a white tag/sticker, written in black, and affixed in the back upper right hand corner of the package.

  • SVFAL retains a 20% commission on items sold.

  • The league will not maintain an inventory sheet of these items.  (This is the same procedure currently used for small rack items in the studios.)

  • All sales (via the front desk) will be recorded, but it is up to the member to watch their inventory. The only notification of sale will be when the artist receives a check.

  • Member must sign an all-purpose, all incident RACK DISPLAY waiver to put work in the rack.

    • All risk is assumed by the artist. Discrepancies in inventory cannot be accounted for by the league.

    • Artist assumes all risk for loss of inventory including damage, theft and wear on packaging.

*NOTE: Initially the racks are for non-studio renting members that are without exhibit space for lower priced items.



  • A SVFAL member may have up to 12 cards or card packs in stock. As many as possible will be on the rack. Extras will be held as back stock.

  • Cards may be reproduction prints or original hand crafted cards. Card dimensions should not exceed 7 inches in any direction.

  • Cards must be priced at a minimum of $5.00. If an artist has lower priced cards, they should simply package two or three together and charge appropriately.

  • All cards must be accompanied by envelopes.

  • An artist’s card sales will need to total $25 before a check will be cut.

  • If for some reason, an artist has sold less than $25 worth of cards and decides to remove all their cards from the card rack inventory, a check will be cut for the amount the artist is due. The artist will not be eligible for participation in the card rack for a period of six months. This is not punishment for withdrawing cards – just a curb on attempts to have checks cut for less than $25.



  • A SVFAL member may have up to 5 reproduction prints (Giclees or the like) in the print bins. As many as possible will be on display. Extras will be held as back stock.

  • Print/Mat dimension should not exceed 24 inches in any direction.

  • Prints may not be priced below $25.



  • A SVFAL member may have up to 3 small matted originals in this bin. As many as possible will be on display. Extras will be held as back stock.

  • Artwork/Mat dimension should not exceed 24 inches in any direction.

  • “Originals” refers to small painted pieces, such as watercolors, that are typically presented with a mat. Drawings, fine art prints such as lithographs and woodcuts, flat mixed media or collage work, small flat fiber pieces, and photographic prints are examples of this category of work. Pastel work is not recommended for rack display as the packaging and handling will rub against the surface of the artwork.

  • Small Originals may not be priced below $25.

QUESTIONS: Contact Rhanna Nyman at 828-215-4652